February 14, 2020
What Should We Do About Schooling Our Children When Working in Hard Places?

Local school? Christian school? Home school? It’s a big decision, especially for those working in schemes and housing estates.

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Equip is a ministry of 20schemes: Our desire is to see Scotland’s housing schemes transformed by Jesus through church planting and revitalisation.

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Where Are the Labourers for Scotland’s Schemes?
November 25, 2021

So instead of praying “Here I am, send me” from Isaiah 6:8, I prayed “There they are, send them”.

The Gospel, the Church and Transgenderism: Part 5
November 23, 2021

It’s vital that we help people to see that the gospel of Jesus, especially the resurrection, tells us that our bodies matter. They are important.

Self Control: Doing What’s Needed Even When You Don’t Want To
November 19, 2021

We all have a tongue, and no matter who we are, we all struggle to control it at times.

’The Least, the Last and the Lost’—Is Church for Guys Like Me?
November 18, 2021

It seemed as if the more I wanted to distance myself from my old life, the more the church kept me at arms-length for anything else.

The Gospel, the Church and Transgenderism: Part 4
November 16, 2021

In a fallen world, everything is impacted by sin, including our bodies, our minds, and our sense of identity.

A Book Every Teen Should Read
November 12, 2021

In this book, McLaughlin covers a range of topics that are huge questions in our modern world, especially for teenagers.

’The Least, the Last and the Lost’—When Life Became War
November 11, 2021

It turns out that there really is a great cost to following Jesus.

The Gospel, the Church and Transgenderism: Part 3
November 9, 2021

In Jesus, God invites us to enjoy once again what we were made to enjoy, to be who we were made to be.

‘The Least, the Last and the Lost’—Why I Wrote A Book About Poverty and the Local Church
November 4, 2021

A quarter of a century ago, I was shivering in the cold outside Victoria Train Station in London. I was high. I was hungry. I was scared. I was so very angry at the world.

The Gospel, the Church and Transgenderism: Part 2
November 2, 2021

When God made gender, He made a man and a woman. And he called his creation ‘very good’.