Equip is a ministry of 20Schemes: Our desire is to see Scotland’s housing schemes transformed by Jesus through church planting and revitalisation.


In the 20schemes Uncut podcast, Mez McConnell talks with other pastors and ministry leaders from around the world about doing ministry in poor communities and . . . well, just about anything else that’s on his mind.
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November 27, 2019
Could 20schemes Work in Northern Ireland?

In this episode, Mez McConnell and Marty McNeely discuss Brexit, housing-estate ministry in Northern Ireland, religious and political boundaries, and who they’d choose in an international WWE Baptist v Presbyterian smackdown.

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We Long For That Day
November 20, 2019

God’s enemies will tremble at Christ’s second coming, but His people will rejoice.

‘A Horse Called Elvis’: How Being a Police Officer Prepared Me for Ministry
November 18, 2019

On the path to ministry, my time in the police was no detour.

Is Our Charity Hurting More Than Helping?
November 16, 2019

Complex problems won‘t be solved by easy solutions.

Why We Need to Fight for Women, Not About Them
November 15, 2019

Theological point scoring does little good for vulnerable women in the world’s poorest communities.

How Do We Disciple Addicts?
November 13, 2019

In this episode, Mez McConnell talks with Joel Kurz about being a white pastor in a predominantly African-American neighbourhood, whether the term ‘complementarian’ actually means anything anymore, and how to disciple addicts in the local church.

From Gangs to God: How Jesus Saved My Life
November 11, 2019

“In the life I was leading, I was pretty much at the top. It would take something real and serious for me to give it all up.”

How to Counsel People in the Local Church
November 9, 2019

The need for counselling in the local church is clear. But what does this look like in practice?

How Can Single Mothers Raise Godly Young Men?
November 8, 2019

In caring for the fatherless, we can’t overstate the importance of the local church.

Does Complementarianism Oppress Women?
November 6, 2019

Should Christian women be allowed to dye their hair? Should they stay at home to cook and clean?

Where Was Jesus in My Suffering?
November 4, 2019

Christ’s brutal crucifixion offers real, meaningful hope for those who have suffered the horrors of abuse.

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