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December 7, 2019
How Can We Get Gospel Books Into the Hands of the Poor?

An interview with Jonathan Carswell of 10ofThose.

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November 11, 2019
From Gangs to God: How Jesus Saved My Life

“In the life I was leading, I was pretty much at the top. It would take something real and serious for me to give it all up.”

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October 28, 2019
A New Website Dedicated to Ministry Among the Poor

20schemes Equip is a new website that exists to resource churches in the world’s poorest communities. I (Ben Hansen) asked Mez McConnell and Matthew Spandler-Davison about the history of 20schemes, what kind of content we’ve released to this point, and what we hope this new site will achieve. When was 20schemes started? Matthew: We launched […]

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January 24, 2018
The 'Why' and 'How' of Accountability (2)

Titus is to set an example for the flock. Paul says the same to Timothy when he writes to him as well (1 Tim. 4:12). Paul consistently taught this to young pastors specifically, but I think we can apply it to ourselves too. Be an example to others. God is interested in how we live […]

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January 17, 2018
The 'Why' and 'How' of Accountability

This is the first of a 2-part post on accountability. Accountability is a word that can conjure up different emotions. Some people are scared of it; they think that another person is going to be prying into their lives and might not like what they find. Some people think it’s great; why wouldn’t you want […]

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March 18, 2016
What's the Greatest Challenge to Doing Evangelism and Discipleship in Hard Places?

I think most Christians don’t know how to go about sharing the gospel in a way that makes sense. And they don’t know how to go about helping someone grow in Christ, period. But I think when you add in the distance that many middle-class Christians feel culturally from people who are in poor societies, […]

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February 27, 2016
Discipleship in Hard Places

Session 2 of the 20schemes 2016 Weekender.

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November 26, 2015
How Do We Deal With 'Problem People' and People Struggling With Mental Health in our Churches?

The following six facts will be universally true about our churches. Someone has had a problem in our church this week. We have everything we need in the gospel to help that person with that problem (2 Peter 1:3). People seek help from family members, friends, and pastors before they go to healthcare professionals about […]

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October 30, 2015
What's the Greatest Challenge to Evangelism and Discipleship in Deprived Communities in the West?

Erik Raymond is the senior pastor of Emmaus Bible Church in Omaha, Nebraska and has a blog, The Ordinary Pastor, on The Gospel Coalition. In this video, Erik explains that one of the greatest challenges to evangelism and discipleship in Western deprived communities is a lack of workers—Jesus asks us to pray for labourers. “The […]

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May 25, 2015
How to Deal with Culture Shock in Cross-Cultural Ministry

Gloria Furman is the author of Glimpses of Grace, Treasuring Christ When Your Hands Are Full, and The Pastor’s Wife. She lives in Dubai, United Arab Emirates with her husband Dave, a pastor, and their four children. Gloria is a member of Redeemer Church of Dubai and blogs at In this video, Gloria tells […]

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