April 17, 2013

Being a Church Planter's Wife

A friend recently recommended this book to me so I gave it to my wife, who I felt was much better qualified to read and review it for the blog. This is her opinion on the book below.

I found this book to be an honest reflection of being a church-planting wife. Christine Hoover openly shares about the highs and lows of being involved in church planting. I particularly liked that each chapter focused on a different aspect of the heart we should be having, both towards ministry and those that we are ministering too. At the end of each chapter there are some questions to reflect upon which were also helpful, especially if I had been challenged by something that was raised in the chapter.

Another thing I liked was that after each chapter she has added an interview with other church-planting wives. The questions she asked were specifically related to the subject of the chapter. I found this helpful and encouraging because all the wives were at different stages of church planting.

The principles fit with my experience of church planting in the UK, but some of the things she talks about wouldn’t really translate (she’s writing from, and largely to, an American context).

However, well worth a read for those thinking about or involved in church planting.

Miriam McConnell

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