April 13, 2013

Why Preach Christ in Every Sermon?

“I am a physician with but one medicine to prescribe, and that is the gospel of Christ. It may need to be applied in various ways, various aspects of it may need to receive the right emphasis, and it may need to be administered in the right form. But only the gospel of Jesus Christ can heal the deepest wounds of the human heart and enable us to prosper according to God’s design, bringing glory to our Lord.”

So says Bill Kynes on a recent Gospel Coalition posting. See his article in full here. There is no more important treasure to our own souls, and to those to whom we minister, than the wonderful, saving gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ. Somebody once asked me why I feel the need to preach the gospel in every sermon on a Sunday. My answer? “Because we forget it every day of the week and we need to be reminded of its necessity and our personal need of returning to it again and again.”

Have a great, gospel-centred day today.

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