October 26, 2019

Who Are We? (A Local Church Song)

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“But God demonstrates His own love for us in this: While we were still sinners, Christ died for us.” (Romans 5:8)

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VS 1
Who are we? But sinners saved by grace
Guilty of the charge but acquitted in the case
How can the most Holy God
allow us to walk free?
Jesus paid in full for all our sin at Calvary.

VS 2
Who are we? But damaged by our past
Prone to fall, but Christ will hold us fast
Trusting God while living with
the consequence of sin
Joyful in our weakness
when our eyes are fixed on Him.

Praise our mighty Saviour’s name,
He left His throne on high and came,
And while we were still sinners
He died to set us free
Hallelujah! Jesus Christ be praised.

VS 3
Who are we? But pilgrims passing through
Life is like a mist and eternity’s in view
Rid us of self-righteousness,
The foolishness of pride
We will boast in nothing
But Christ Jesus crucified.


VS 4
Now we sing; united in the fight
Justified by faith and righteous in God’s sight
Let this local church display
this truth for all to see
that we were once condemned
but now in Jesus Christ we’re free.


Words and Music by Sol Fenne
© 2019 20schemes Music CCLI: 7133565

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