June 2, 2014

The Best Way to Give to the Poor is Through the Church

Please, as you read this, radically think about what you are giving your money to. I believe many Christians are missing the opportunity of investing for eternity, saving the fatherless and the poor.

I believe many Christians are being ripped off and the numbers add up to tens of millions.

Paul was collecting for the church at Jerusalem from other churches. We have seen that the church is God’s organisation. Churches help churches. So Paul delivered gifts to the church leadership at Jerusalem (Acts 11:29–30). This models all his collections. So the Bible does speak about what we should do with our money—we must help churches in poor areas.

Sadly, something tragic has happened in Great Britain; we have stopped giving to churches and instead give to organisations. One organisation that is an advisory body receives over 4.5 million pounds a year—just to give advice. Another group which does no preaching of Christ receives 2.75 million a year. And one group which has had speakers who deny Christ receives over 60 million a year. Something has gone terribly wrong.

My advice to you is, give to the church which God has gathered you to. Obviously, that has to be our first responsibility—the ox has to be fed.

And please could I ask those in leadership in church life, after we have used the money needed to be spent on the work the Lord has called us to, could we for just one year give our money to gospel churches where they need it—the poor. Can you imagine what good would come of it? Can you imagine the joy you will feel if the church that you partner with grows? Look at the millions and millions being given to organisations which simply cannot justify their existence from the Bible—many of whom do far more harm than good. And think of the organisation God has set up—the church, how it perfectly meets the needs of the poor that no man-made institution could ever do. It’s time for biblical budgetary reform. People will be upset, but Christ will be glorified and the poor in Britain will hear the gospel. Think, if all the money just from the organisations mentioned (or even just the first two) was paying for gospel churches in the most needy areas of our country, what might happen.

Every time you thought of that area you would thank God for that church. That church gathered by God, bought with Christ’s blood, reflecting heaven in a world under God’s wrath. And anyone can join if they believe in Jesus and are baptised, and your church will be a partner. Time to switch budgets.

If your church does this, it will mean that there will be real partnership in the gospel. I imagine that the blessings to the kingdom will be immense.

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