January 30, 2014

Jesus is Great, But is Magnificent Obsession a Good Book?

This is David Robertson's follow up book to his immensely (and more) enjoyable “Dawkins Letters”. His subtext is Why Jesus IS Great and, I have to say, it is a masterfully (and mercifully) simple (in the non-critical sense!) work of apologetics. This is how you make highfalutin philosophy and theology accessible to mere mortals like many of us (well, me).

It is 10 chapters long and is written in the form of letters of response to an interested sceptic/atheist (I’m still not sure) of the Christian faith. It’s clever and engaging stuff. What we have here is a brilliant walk through the salient facts of the gospel of Jesus Christ. Usually, David is quite provocative and aggressive when it comes to debating new atheists and the various strands of secular humanism (follow his twitter account @theweeflea for proof of some of the dogs abuse he takes and some of the verbal spankings he hands out) but, in this book, he comes across warmer, almost teddy bear like.

David mixes in different circles than me when it comes to this stuff. I don’t run into many atheists, new or otherwise, on the schemes. So I am left wondering who I could give this book to in Niddrie. Maybe the odd one or two. But if you are a University type or come across virulent opponents to the faith in your life, then get this into their hands. Get them the Dawkins Letters too, for that is a gem of a book.

Loved this book. Regardless, I am glad that this guy is on our side when it comes to defending the faith once for all entrusted to the saints. Faith strengthening, encouraging, witty, and intelligently written. Get your hand in your pocket for this bad boy.

David founded a ministry in the UK called Solas. I will let him explain its purpose to you:

The purpose of Solas is to bring the light and love of the Good News of Jesus Christ into the context of 21st Century European culture. In response to those that seek to exclude Christianity from the public arena with their all-encompassing, negative and intolerant claims, we promote the positive teaching and example of Christ. To this end we will work with all Christians; training, equipping, proclaiming, serving and teaching to the glory of God, for the sake of all humanity and the environment in which we live.

Please investigate and support his ministry.

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