October 25, 2019

Flee From Sin/Run To Jesus

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VS 1
There is grace for the daily war with sin
for the battles that rage within my heart
I am held in my Father's everlasting arms
He's my shield from the devil's fiery darts.

VS 2
There's a refuge for every lustful thought
from old habits enticing me away
when I fear my addictions won't be overcome
there is hope through Christ's resurrection day.

There is power in the finished work of Jesus
to change helpless sinners just like me
there's contentment where nothing else can satisfy
so I'll flee from my sin to Christ the Lord
put my faith in the promise of His Word.

VS 3
God calls all of His children to obey,
live a life of submission to His Word
may I learn what it means to seek His kingdom first,
die to self, give my all to serve the Lord.

VS 4
There's forgiveness for every time I fail
as I turn in repentance from my sin
God provides all the help I need to persevere
Praise His name! that my life is found in Him.

Words and Music by Sol Fenne
© 2018 20schemes Music CCLI: 7133563

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