April 7, 2021

‘Creator God’

Creator God was written in time for the Co-Mission Bible Festival where the theme was ‘Created for Christ’.

I started with the idea of viewing Jesus’ death and resurrection through the lens that He is also the Creator and Sustainer of all things. The line came to me: ‘the One who spoke out stars now breathes His last’, and the rest of the song unravelled from there.

The thing I loved most about writing this song was mining the Scriptures, seeing how God the Creator and Author came down in Jesus Christ to redeem those who have marred His likeness, and re-create our hearts and welcome us into His New Creation. It’s amazing to think that the same power of God that spoke light into darkness at creation speaks life and light into our hearts as we behold Jesus Christ (2 Cor. 4:6).

My prayer for this song is that people give glory to God for the beauty of creation, the glory of redemption, and eagerly await the Day ‘decay is slain by glory’ and we join the ‘New Creation anthem’.

Music Video

Creator God, who shaped the earth and heavens
Your glory shines in all that you have made
You spoke the Word, who broke into the darkness
All earth replies: “majestic is your name!”

And who am I, though made below the angels
That you, my King, are mindful of my ways?
As moon and stars sing out their joyful chorus
I lift my voice to join with them in praise

Redeeming God, creation’s song fell silent
As on the cross, the Light was pierced with dark
The Word of life to death now hangs surrendered
The one who spoke out stars now breathes his last

And who am I, the lowliest of sinners
That you would pay the price my sin deserves?
My Maker scarred for those who marred his likeness
And from his wounds flows mercy unreserved

O living God! You broke the tomb in glory
Death could not hold the one who authored life!
His radiant light has shattered through our darkness
And in our hearts, his risen life now shines

And who are we, that you would call us children
And raise us up from death to life with you
Where we will sing the New Creation anthem:
“O praise the one who’s making all things new!”

And so we wait in eager expectation
And join the song as all creation groans:
“Lord, haste the Day decay is slain by glory,
The Day you call your sons and daughters home.”

Words/Music: © Ben Slee 2017

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