March 29, 2022

Hymns in Hard Places

A new resource for the local church

Hymns in Hard Places is a collection of congregational songs for the local church - a resource for the church in hard places. All of the songs on this album have come about as a response to the very real struggles that the churches, planted and revitalised through 20schemes, have endured in recent years. Maybe you and your church are facing struggles and hard times too?

Themes such as addiction, persecution, poverty, abuse, depression, bereavement, doubt and the daily battles with sin run throughout this album.

The true purpose of Hymns in Hard Places is to point us, as we listen to it, to our God who is in complete control, to our Saviour who knows what it is to suffer.

You can listen to the album on all good music providers.

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Download HiHP chord & lead sheets

As previously stated, this album is a resource for the local church, particularly the church in hard places. We want to be able to freely share that with you.

By clicking the 'Download' button, you will have access to the lead and chord sheets for the full album.

Alternatively, you can explore each song from the album individually below.

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